Our design-scape relies on lines and connections. The idea of interconnectedness in policy issues, therefore, remains central to our thought process. Resembling a geometric Rangoli, our logo represents the continuity of India’s rich heritage through the present, and into a promising future. The logo’s circular, clockwise design with three ‘hatches’ summarises our vision – to be simultaneously inclusive and reflexive.  The converging lines in our logo and the deliberate attempt to keep away from bleeds in the margins visually articulate how social thought processes are often lateral, and how our research needs to be direct, and fact and evidence-based. 


We are young, dynamic, and digital-first. Our work makes use of technology and big data analytics to positively disrupt India’s ever-evolving policy landscape. Tapping into the country's largest demographic dividend and having a youth-centric approach underscores our strategic intent; invigorating policy circles with innovatively designed and easy to understand content.


We are a cause-, agenda-, and party-neutral organisation, and our colour palette decisions resonate this. We use slate grey, sunshine yellow, black and white as a representation of our core values; simplicity, neutrality and consistent growth.







SPRF is registered as a public charitable trust in New Delhi, India.

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