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Indian Agriculture: Policies for Sustainable Transformation

Authored by: Jitendra Bisht

Edited by: Kausumi Saha

In October 2019, Jitendra Bisht looked at sustainability concerns in Indian agriculture from three standpoints - the ecological impact of agricultural practices, farmer incomes, and impact of climate change on yields. Read here

Sustainability has become the central concern in agricultural systems in India, as farmers, mostly small and marginal, are grappling with the environmental impact of chemical-intensive farming, declining farm incomes, as well as adverse impacts of climate change on crop yields. This issue brief, the second in SPRF’s series on Indian agriculture, analyses the policy responses since 2014 to concerns regarding sustainability of farm incomes, crop yields, and current agricultural practices. It also briefly looks at the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown on the agricultural supply chain and the efficacy of the government’s response to offset these effects.

Read the paper here.

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