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India Needs Gender-Responsive Budgeting, Not Just a Gender Budget

Authored by - Akshita Sharma

Edited by - Kavita Majumdar

Read the paper here.

Women, comprising half of India’s population, lag behind in socioeconomic, health, education and other development indicators. It is not surprising then, that India ranked 112th out of 153 countries on the Gender Gap Index which tracks progress in these dimensions. Yet, a fleeting look at the Gender Budget (GB) 2021 will tell you that budgetary allocations for the same have fallen - by 26% to be exact. Both Part A of the budget with 100% women-specific programmes and Part B, with 30% women specific programmes have seen a decrease in allocations by 62% and 9.3%, respectively. In fact, the GB as a proportion of the Total Expenditure through Budget has fallen by 6.6%, when compared to last year.

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