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Female Prisoners in India: The Consequences of Triple Marginalisation

Authored by: Diksha Pandey

Edited by: Kausumi Saha

The treatment of women in Indian societies is riddled with irony. Religion, tradition and mythology, originating from both the mainland as well as the hinterland, liken women to goddesses and believe them to be harbingers of wealth and prosperity. Yet, patriarchal and misogynistic tendencies deeply sewn into our fabric have resulted in India being deemed “the most dangerous country in the world to be a woman”. In such a context, the stigma faced by female prisoners in India is threefold – as women, as being in conflict with the law, and within the justice system, as a minority. This brief, thus, seeks to highlight the state of female prisoners across the country and aims to draw conclusions on whether gender bias is visible in the Indian criminal system’s response to women as offenders.

Read the paper here.

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