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Conversations on Educational Reforms in Prisons

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

In this podcast, SPRF speaks to Ms Gauri Sharma and Ms Eleena George, senior TYCIA Fellows and co-founders of Project Unlearn, on the state of prison education in India. Gauri and Eleena are part of a team that developed an educational and life skills curriculum that they are now teaching in Jail No. 5, Tihar Jail.

Host: Kausumi Saha
Cover Image: The Nelson Mandela Classroom at the Better Life Prison School, inside Jail no. 5, Tihar Jail.
Credits: TYCIA Foundation.

Note: Due to the ongoing pandemic, this podcast has been recorded over Zoom. We apologise for the issues in audio quality, and invite your suggestions on how we can improve next time.

Correction: In the podcast, Ms Gauri Sharma is referred to as "Dr Gauri Sharma". This was a mistake on our part. Ms Sharma is a PhD scholar and has not completed it yet. We sincerely apologise for the confusion.

Part of post release booklet / Kunji

Part of post release booklet / Kunji

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