SPRF’s brand identity is driven by its forward-thinking vision. We seek to draw upon lessons from the past to realise the potential that the future holds. This is best illustrated in our strategically designed logo. Resembling a geometric Rangoli, our logo articulates gravitas, a creative, entrepreneurial spirit, and a nod to tradition.

It reminds us to always be mindful of the ‘larger picture’ as well as existing frameworks while advocating for consistent growth and expansion. Its circular, clockwise design with three ‘hatches’ summarises our vision – to be inclusive, revisit the drawing board if and when necessary, and keep our doors open to multiple voices. Our ‘leading lines’ approach in the logo without using any bleeds 


tells the story of SPRF as a cause-, agenda-, and party-neutral organisation. Moreover, the choice to use shades of yellow and grey resonate with emerging voices in public policy; young and progressive with depth in meaning and substance. In conclusion, our logo attempts to capture SPRF’s story of envisioning India’s future as a progressive, benchmark-setting nation.

SPRF is registered as a public charitable trust in New Delhi, India.

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